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It didn't take Doctor Kielbasa long to establish a positive reputation for performing great polka music and providing fun at dances and Oktoberfest parties. Now in their 23rd year, it's fair to say they have made their mark in polka history in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. The members of the band currently live in northern Minnesota and around the Twin Cities metro area. The question they hear the most is "So, which one of you is Doctor Kielbasa?" Well, the answer is that Doctor Kielbasa is no one person, it's all of them. Collectively as musicians, they love to play the music that flows from deep inside them. The members of Doctor Kielbasa like to think of the group as bigger than any one person, it really is a collaborative effort. One of their fans described it best: "Doctor Kielbasa is the collective musical energy of a veteran group of Minnesota musicians. They are the best." Wow, high praise indeed.


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